Sponsor Shares

Prof BD De Beer Pty Ltd is the Leader in Cannabis Research and Development.

For a nominal amount of a R200 sponsorship, you will receive 1 Registered share in this public company, registered under Chapter 4 of the Companies Act 2008 of South Africa.The amount of shares owned by a person or company is not limited or capped, until the Limited company has distributed its authorized available share capital. Your R200 sponsorship is used for Research and Development

The fact that you become a shareholder and sponsor by being added to our database, puts a tremendous amount of value in your share capital. This is because you become part of a global database of Cannabis Research & Development initiates, contributing to the proliferation of the industry through promoting the Research and Development of Cannabis products and bi-products downstream in the value chain. 

Our shareholders will have the added opportunity of testing sample products at the beta phase as part of the Research and Development process, free of charge. This forms an important part of the data collection process and affords shareholders the opportunity to become part of the product development process.

All shareholders, as co-researchers and developers, will receive 30 % discount on all our products at the point of legal commercialization. With the structure of the Limited company under Chapter 4 of The Companies Act 2008 of South Africa, we plan to list on the NASDAQ in the United States of America, once we have reached critical mass of shareholders. At this point, shareholders will be able to turn a handsome profit on selling their shares on a public index.

Your donation makes it possible to build a Billion Dollar company in one of the most exciting green field business sectors in the world. Our authorized share capital is only one (1) million shares and your donation to receive a Free Share, means that you become part of this limited opportunity to become part of the team that is pioneering the industry. 



Step 1: Register for Sponsor Share

Step 2: Make payment for your Sponsor Share

Notification must be sent to: freeshare@profdebeerltd.co.za

Step 3: Wait for an e-mail from us with your Share Certificate.

Step 4: Get a friend to buy a Sponsor Share using your name as a reference.

Step 5: Once your friend has paid for their Sponsor Share, you will receive a FREE Share.